Thursday, May 23, 2013

Matt Rogers' new gig

Matt Rogers

Well, that didn't take long

The 2004 American Idol finalist Matt Rogers makes his way back to television, once again, as a host. This Summer, Rogers will make his way to USA to host 'Summer Camp', a series which will also have eight one-hour episodes, similar to Beat the Chefs.

The zap2it article does also mention all of his past hosting gigs, including Beat the Chefs and There Goes the Neighborhood. Matt is labeled as a "reality television veteran".

It's a shame Beat the Chefs did not last long for Matt. He was definitely not one of the issues of the show, like other GSN Forum board members have claimed with other originals. Matt's voice was loud and vocal, which is nearly perfect for non-quizzer game shows. Best of luck to him on USA.

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