Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GSN, what are you waiting for?

Once in a while a piece of the schedule is doing horribly, yet GSN leaves the spot on the schedule with no strong reason. Some examples within the past year have been Deal or No Deal weekdays at 1pm, Improv in primetime again and Minute to Win It weekdays at 5pm.

But now, nothing has worked on Friday nights since Dancing with the Stars rolled around a year and some months ago. Then, Classic Pyramid aired for six months until The Pyramid, which didn't succeed the way GSN hoped The Pyramid too. Since September, Minute to Win It has stayed, but the The Pyramid, then Improv have not.

Currently, we have Baggage for two hours starting at 8pm, then Minute to Win It at 7 & 10pm.

The Facts: The whole Friday night line-up since January has only averaged above 300,000 viewers twice, once in January and once in March. Most recently, Baggage has averaged 202,000 viewers, 286,000 viewers and 206,000 viewers from 8-10pm, while only one episode of Minute to Win It has had above 300,000 viewers.

Solution: If they want to keep Minute to Win It or Baggage, have Minute to Win It from 7-9pm and Baggage from 9-11pm. Otherwise, completely re-do Fridays. Keep Baggage at midnight where it does best. Not sure if pre-1990's should be tried again, but maybe they could try Deal or No Deal or 5th Grader, without acquiring something new.

Something needs to be done soon. When the primetime average is above 400,000 viewers a week, and Baggage averages 150K in the 8pm hour, something should be done.

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