Thursday, May 2, 2013

GSN Ratings April 22-28, 2013: 'Feud', '5th Grader' top 'Bible'

For the second time during this season of American Bible Challenge, the hit GSN original-series did not come in first place for ratings. Steve Harvey's Family Feud had 717,000 viewers on Wednesday night at 9:30pm, while 5th Grader had 709,000 viewers at 9pm Sunday night.

While Steve Harvey's Family Feud had the top 24 out of 30 slots, 5th Grader had two top slots, Newlywed Game, Minute to Win It, Karn Feud and American Bible Challenge had one appearance each in the top 30.

American Bible Challenge airings:
Thursday 9:00pm: 694,000 viewers
Thursday 12:00am: 292,000 viewers
Saturday 11:00am: 224,000 viewers
Saturday 7:00pm: 290,000 viewers
Sunday 6:00pm: 278,000 viewers
Sunday 1:00am: 140,000 viewers

8:00am Match Game 138K
8:30am Match Game 182K
9:00am Press Your Luck 167K
9:30am Sale of the Century 184K
10:00am $100,000 Pyramid 253K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid 260K
11:00am Super Password 253K
11:30am Lingo 203K
12:00pm $100,000 Pyramid 196K
12:30pm $25,000 Pyramid 208K
1:00pm 5th Grader 239K
2:00pm Catch 21 287K
2:30pm Lingo 294K
3:00pm Chain Reaction 310K
3:30pm Chain Reaction 330K
4:00pm Family Feud 350K
4:30pm Family Feud 361K
5:00pm Family Feud 266K
5:30pm Family Feud 237K
6:00pm Family Feud 330K
6:30pm Family Feud 424K

Great week for morning classics. Everything from 8am-1pm rose from the three prior weeks (April 1-19). Lingo and 100K Pyramid still had an audience drop after Super Password, but nothing else bad at all. The O'Hurley Feud hour came weak again. Have a feeling it won't last through the Summer. Also noticing that Catch 21 and Lingo are thinning a bit, but nothing to worry about. Chain Reaction does great as well.

Monday Family Feud (7-11PM): 279K
Tuesday Minute to Win It (7-11PM): 226K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey) (7-11PM): 564K
Thursday Family Feud (Harvey) (7-9PM): 428K
Friday Minute to Win It/Baggage (7-11PM): 258K; Baggage only (8-10PM): 286K
Saturday Family Feud (8-11PM): 323K
Sunday Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (7-10PM): 524K

Let's see...the primetime average this week was 388,000 viewers. Only Family Feud (Wednesday, Thursday) and 5th Grader were able to match or beat those numbers. Saturday came close, and Monday wasn't a disaster either, but Friday fell, especially the MTWI at 10pm (141K, 15th from the bottom). Tuesday's Minute to Win It reruns may still have the Family Trade effect, even though FT is gone. We'll see if ratings pick up.

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