Monday, May 13, 2013

GSN Forums shutting down

Wow, this [kinda] came out of nowhere.

In an online announcement today, the site administrator announced that the current section of GSN Forums will be shutting down, along with other parts of the community. The section is experiencing "technical difficulties" and also I've noticed some lower site traffic [posts] within the past year.

A new community section is in the works, after the current one shuts down in June. Old threads, and the Old Old threads will still be available few viewing. I have absolutely no interest in games, therefore I'm not quite sure what will happen to them. I'm sure nearly all of them will be staying, just not the user-made games.

Farewell, GSN Forums. I spend three days there, and they were swell.


  1. That's funny... I had just starting posting over yonder, although I've been reading posts for quite some time. Doesn't seem like a big loss considering an upcoming community.

  2. Tammy Cox-BlockerMay 14, 2013 at 6:15 PM

    I'm thinking this could be a golden opportunity for you to incorporate a chat forum w/ your blog. Build up traffic and sell banner ads which means big bucks.

    1. Would be too much work for me. Not worth it. I prefer the comments here instead of a forum about everything.

      But thank you.