Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going, Going, Gone?

After the news of the GSN board shutting down, a poster on the announcemnt thread believes that the television station is not for long either because they're showing too much Family Feud. Well I say if there was no Family Feud, there would not be any GSN (exaggeration)

In the latest week of ratings, Steve Harvey's Family Feud averaged 522,000 viewers for its primetime (8-11pm) airings on Wednesday and Thursday. Family Feud consumed 64 out of the top 100 slots, with all the ratings above 300,000 viewers an episode.

No show produced before 2006 could acheieve above 300,000 viewers from May 13-19.

Besides the previous exaggeration, GSN could have success without Family Feud, but much less success. Per week since June 2012, Family Feud, mainly the Steve Harvey version has carried the network to the highest primetime success its ever seen.

But when you think about it, without Family Feud, what would the GSN schedule look like? To guess, GSN would still keep abusing Newlywed, Baggage and Deal or No Deal like they were up until March 2012.

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