Saturday, May 11, 2013

'Game Show Moments Gone Bananas'

Coming to GSN soon, a mini-series which focuses on the craziest game show moments from the 1950's up until the present, Game Show Moments Gone Bananas, hosted by Ben Stein. The first two episodes of this mini-series will air Monday, May 27th and Tuesday, May 28th at 7pm (ET). No rerun slots at the moment.

There are a total of five episodes, which all aired in 2005 and VH1. These episodes have not aired on GSN yet. Some of the American game shows featured with the top moments are Beat the Clock, Blockbusters, Card Sharks, Child's Play, Double Dare, Family Feud, I'm With Stupid, I've Got a Secret, Match Game, The Name's the Same, Password, Press Your Luck, The Price is Right, Sale of the Century, Say When!!!, Scrabble, Showoffs, Tattletales, To Tell the Truth, Whammy!, What My Line? and Your Face or Mine?

The Minute to Win It marathon still remains on Memorial Day from 8am-6pm.


  1. These all aired on GSN about 6 years ago. They're pretty good. But they're not new to GSN.

    1. I heard differently but you're probably right.

      The pdf's do say 'R'. My mistake.