Monday, May 13, 2013

'Family Trade': The damage it did

Even though reality may be over for a little while at GSN, it will be back. I wonder why, after some of these numbers.

To break down all the new runs, and the same-night reruns:
Family Trade 03/12/13 03/19/13 03/26/13 04/02/13 04/09/13 04/16/13
08:00:00 PM 388 242 249 222 277 213
08:30:00 PM 418 183 176 223 242 172
11:00:00 PM 169 117 157 81 157 126
11:30:00 PM 191 104 160 65 125 216

In bold, the actual new runs. The rest of the figures are the same night reruns. All new runs averaged 274,000 viewers, not horrific but definitely not enough to pass for a second season. Notice that all the 11pm hour runs didn't get above, or barely near 200,000 viewers, except one on April 16th.

Normally, Steve Harvey's Family Feud averages over 400,000 viewers in the 11pm hour, based on the past two weeks.

Family Trade also had negative effects on the Minute to Win It Tuesday night stack:

2/12: 346K
2/14: 278K
2/26: 311K
3/5: 340K
3/12: 300K
3/19: 248K
3/26: 206K
4/2: 156K
4/9: 221K
4/16: 255K
4/23: 226K
4/30: 289K

In bold were the weeks with Family Trade. Not too big of a drop from February to March, but I have hope ratings will continue to climb on Tuesdays.

So GSN, good luck down the road with non-studio based game shows, which have proved to be hits. Even something like Incredible Dog Challenge didn't work well in its showings on GSN in 2011 and 2012. When it comes to out-of-studio based game shows, The Impostor will be the real test.

Sources: Son of the Bronx

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