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'American Bible Challenge' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

Airdate: 5/23/13 (Season 2 Finale)

Teams: Girls of Grace who are raising money for a food bank; Wagner Warriors who are trying to bring down medical supplies to areas of the world which do not have those necessities; Sisters of Mary who are playing for their retirement fun.

Scripture Prescriptions: Some un-traditional prescriptions are found in the bible to cure either a disease or illness. Teams are given a multiple-choice question about the prescription to see which disease it would match up to. Correct answers are worth 10 points.

Score: Girls of Grace: 20; Wagner Warriors: 10; Sisters of Mary: 0

Next: 100 Women U-verse users were surveyed. Whichever team guesses the most popular answer selected among the 100 users will win an additional 25 points.

Who do you think was most to blame for the first sin?
-The Snake

Girls of Grace said the Snake, Wagner Warriors said Adam and Sisters of Mary said the Snake.

The majority of women answered that Eve was the most responsible

ScoreGirls of Grace: 20; Wagner Warriors: 10; Sisters of Mary: 0

Book, Chapter and Verse: The stunts- On each table are three cubes. They have sections and numbers from the bible on the cubes. Jeff will read a verse from the bible then the team has to match the verse with the section of the bible. Teams go at separate times. The team with the most correct in 60 seconds win an additional 50 points.

Sisters of Mary are first. They get one correct and several wrong.

Wagner Warriors are next. They get three correct in 60 seconds.

Girls of Grace need more than three to get the additional 50 points.

Girls of Grace: 20; Wagner Warriors: (+50) 60; Sisters of Mary: 0

Yah Way! or No Way!: Teams play in sets of two. Each team can receive up to 3 questions related to the bible. If the statement is true, contestants say "Yah Way". False statements are "No Way".

This is a gambling round. The first question per team is worth 25 points. Then, the duo can double or nothing on the next true/false statement. The team can either win a total of 50 points or lose the points from the first question.

Sisters of Mary go first. They had 0 points. Sisters of Mary get the first True/False question correct. Now, they have 25 points, and decide to risk their points. They get the second answer incorrect, therefore the 25 points disappear.

Sisters of Mary: (+25) (-25) 0

Girls of Grace are next. They had 20 points. They get the first True/False question correct. Now they have 45 points. They decide to double up, and get the second question correct. Girls of Grace now have 70 points. Girls of Grace decide to go for a third question. For the third question if they're correct, they get 120 total points. If its incorrect, they are back down to 20 points. Girls of Grace get the third question incorrect.

Girls of Grace: (+25) (+25) (-50) 20

Wagner Warriors are last. They had 60 points. They answer the first question correctly. They choose to go for the second question, and get that correct. Wagner Warriors decide not to answer the third question.

Wagner Warriors: (+25) (+25) 110

Chosen Three: Back to regular episode gameplay, a multiple choice question is given. There are six possible answers. Three are correct answers. Each correct answer is worth 100 points, three for three are worth 300 points. One contestant plays per team.

Wagner Warriors go first since they are in the lead. Josh represents the team. If Josh gets two or three correct, Wagner Warriors are guaranteed a spot in the final. Josh answers all three correctly. They are in the final.

Sisters of Mary are second. They need one right to stay alive. Sister Evangeline plays. She gets all three correct.

Girls of Grace are last. She needs three correct answers to make it to the Final. Elizabeth plays. She fails to get even one correct.

Final: Girls of Grace: 20; Wagner Warriors: 410; Sisters of Mary: 300

Final Revelation: The category is the Book of James. Teams will try to answer as many questions about the Book of James in sixty seconds. The second team must beat the total of the first team to win $100,000 for their charity.

Wagner Warriors are first. In sixty seconds, they get 10 correct, 2 Incorrect/Passed

Sisters of Mary are next. They need 11 correct in one minute. They get 7; Passed/Incorrect: 4

Wagner Warriors win Season 2 of American Bible Challenge. They are the second team to win the show, after Judson's Legacy.

Total Charity Donations:
Wagner Warriors: $140,000
Sisters of Mary: $55,000; ($45,000 (from the show), $10,000 (from online vote))
Girls of Grace: $27,500

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