Saturday, May 11, 2013

American Bible Challenge Season 2 Episode 8: Semi-Final #2

Airdate: 5/9/2013

Teams: Women of Faith; Girls of Grace; Wagner Warriors

At least one of these teams will advance to the May 23rd Finale, win $20,000 tonight and will face Sisters of Mary in the Finale.

The First Semi-Final

Listings in this Week's TV Guide: Contestants are given a with game show name which in biblical times would be titled The Price is Righteous and Minute to Sin It. Contestants are given a question about a situation with four possible answers. Correct answers are worth 10 points.

Score: Women of Faith: 20; Girls of Grace: 0; Wagner Warriors: 10

Next: Contestants are given a survey-based question from 100 "U-version" app users. Whichever team(s) picks the most popular answer given among users, they get an additional 25 points.

Which would you rather spend?
-One day a Job
-Three days in a whale
-40 days on the ark

All three teams picked 40 days on the ark. (Really?) The most popular answer given was 40 days on the ark. All three teams earn 25 additional points.

Women of Faith (+25): 45; Girls of Grace: (+25) 25; Wagner Warriors: (+25) 35

Stunts: Book 'Em Daniel: Contestants, all three teams at once must put sections of the bible in chronological order. They need to stack the books straight, and need to get the right order to win 50 additional points.

Women of Faith: 45; Girls of Grace: (+50) 75; Wagner Warriors: 35

Next: The two contestants are given a phrase which would be used for a dog. Then, they are given a biblical question based on that expression which was used on someone in the bible. There are three potential answers, one is right. Correct answers are worth 50 points.

Example: "Obey Your Masters"

Women of Faith: 45; Girls of Grace: (+50) 125; Wagner Warriors: (+50): 85

Next: Contestants are given a multiple choice question in which they have to guess who the character was in the bible. The trick is, out of the three choices, all three names sound very alike.

Example: Azaz, Ahaz, Ahab

Women of Faith: (+50) 95; Girls of Grace: (+50) 175; Wagner Warriors: 85

The Chosen Three: One contestant plays per team. They are given one question with six possible answers, but three are correct. Each correct answer is worth 100 points, all three are worth 300 points.

Girls of Grace are First. If Elizabeth can get all three correct, her team will advance to Final Revelation. Elizabeth gets two out of three.

Wagner Warriors are next. Josh plays. He needs three out of three to guarantee him a spot in Final Revelation. Josh gets three out of three. We'll see his team later.

Lisa plays for Women of Faith. She must get all three correct to advance to the Final Revelation. Lisa only manages to get two correct answers.

Final: Women of Faith: 295; Girls of Grace: 375; Wagner Warriors: 385

Final Revelation: Teams are given ten minutes of bible study. The category is "Sheep". When the first team comes out on stage, they are given 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible, and are also allowed to pass the questions.

Girls of Grace are first. They had 6 correct answers in one minute. They miss/pass: 5

The Wagner Warriors need to get 7 correct answers in one minute now. Wagner Warriors do get seven correct answers in 49 seconds. They miss/pass: 2

Wildcard: Since Girls of Grace and Righteous Rubies both came in second place in both Semi-Finals, both teams are given a second chance to advance to the Finale. For the question, one person per team is picked to give the closest to correct numerical answer.

Wildcard question: How many total chapters are there in the new testament? 

Girls of Grace: 363; Righteous Rubies: 90; Correct answer: 260. 

Girls of Grace advance to the Finale.

The finale: Sisters of Mary versus Girls of Grace versus Wagner Warriors

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