Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' Season 1 versus 2

Nine months after American Bible Challenge premiered, GSN has already wrapped up its second season.

The facts and statistics start with ratings. The first season averaged 917,000, with the 1.73 million for the premiere episode, but the first season saw the lowest rated episode of the series yet (544,000 viewers versus President Debate). The second season averaged 828,000 viewers, with the season finale on May 23rd receiving 960,000 viewers, the second highest-rated episode of the series, and a 27% increase from last year's season finale.

In both seasons, the second Semi-Final episode were the lowest-rated of the season.

Both seasons did very well. In the second season, stunts and Kirk Franklin were added. The ratings were not affected greatly by those two additions, and do not contribute as a problem to the show.

For upcoming episodes, I would add a few more questions to cut back on slow gameplay, ideally in the beginning of the episode and the two rounds after the stunts, before Chosen Three. For another season, I would tone down the choir just a little.

At the end of the show, I would cut the tape of showing the teams bible study backstage. Pure time-waster. This is after the Chosen Three.

Like season two, I would separate the two Semi-Finals, one episode 4 and the second on episode 8.

To create another round, an "American Bible Challenge flashback", where a previous team for the first two seasons is shown getting a question wrong, and the current team would get the recycled question.

The production of American Bible Challenge has remained consistently well. This has definitely been the best GSN original in quite some time, maybe even since 2002. These are definitely just observations from the first two seasons, along with the facts at the top.

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