Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Bible Challenge recap: Season 2, episode 7

Airdate: 5/2/2013

Teams: Men of Motor City: Team of three men in Detroit who are playing for their parish, which is struggling through tough times. Wagner Warriors: Bible Quiz Bowl Champions, who are determined to win money for the missionary.  Hello Kidney: Family who found that their son had a bad kidney, who now participate to find kidney transplants, therefore their live span can be longer.

First Round:
You Don't Know Me From Adam: Teams are given a face and a voice to find information about this biblical character. Correct answers are worth 10 points.

Score: Men of Motor City: 20; Wagner Warriors: 0; Hello Kidney: 10

Next, teams are given a chance to earn 25 extra points. 100 U-verse (online bible) users were surveyed this question. Whichever team(s) get the most popular answer win the 50 points.

If you had to choose from these three names, which one would you want to name your son?

Men of Motor City said Nimrod, while Wagner Warriors and Hello Kidney said Zerubbabel. The correct answer was Zerubbabel.

Men of Motor City: 20; Wagner Warriors: (+25) 25; Hello Kidney (+25) 35

Stunts: "They drop in the bucket": The contestants are given ping-pong balls and three cups to bounce the cups into, with three different choices. The contestants are given a question with three options. The team with the most correct answers after their 60 seconds gets 50 additional points.

Hello Kidney is the first team to take the stunts. They get four correct answers in the allowed 60 seconds.

Wagner Warriors are next. They get five correct answers, but only four went into the bowl. Wagner Warriors did get one wrong, mistaking who was the son of Abraham.

Men of Motor City need five to get the extra fifty points. They can only manage to get two correct answers.

Both Hello Kidney and Wagner Warriors pick up 50 extra points.

Men of Motor City: 20; Wagner Warriors: (+50) 75; Hello Kidney: (+50) 85

Ah, American Bible Challenge always focuses on heart-warming stories. Kelley, from team Hello Kidney donated a Kidney previously to her son, Matt. As a surprise, Jeff welcomes Matt to the show to let Kelley know how he has been doing since the Kidney transplant. Matt informs Kelley that his wife is 3-months pregnant, and that Kelley well be a grandmother.

A Six-Pack of AB's: Teams play in pairs, one steps back for Final Revelation. A question is given with six choices given. One is correct. All six answers have 'AB' in the biblical character's name. The correct answer is worth 50 points.

Examples: Joab, Moab, Abijah, Abinadab, Absalom Abishag

Men of Motor City: 20; Wagner Warriors (+50): 125; Hello Kidney (+50) 135

Kids Sayeth the Cutest Things: After a child gives her version of the story of Joab. Each team is now asked a question about Joseph. This is an open-ended question. The correct answer is worth 50 points.

Men of Motor City: 20; Wagner Warriors (+50): 175; Hello Kidney: 135 

The Chosen Three: One person per team plays. A multiple choice question is given. There are six potential answers, but only three are correct. Each correct answer is worth 100 points. All three correct are 300 points.

Josh plays for Wagner Warriors. If Josh can get at least two correct, his team is guaranteed a spot in the Final Revelation. Josh scores three out of three.

Ron plays for Men of Motor City. If Ron gets two correct, his team is still in the game. Ron gets three out of three.

Rene plays for Hello Kidney. Rene gets three out of three correct.

Wagner Warriors and Hello Kidney advance to the Final Revelation.

Final: Men of Motor City: 320; Wagner Warriors: 475; Hello Kidney: 335

Final Revelation: The subject is the Book of Ester. Teams get ten minutes for bible study. Teams gets one minute to answer questions of the Book of Ester on stage. Contestants can pass the question if they do not know the correct answer.

The team with the most correct answers in 60 seconds win $20,000 for their charity. The second place team wins $5,000.

Hello Kidney goes first. They get 4 correct answers They miss/pass: 5

Wagner Warriors come next. They need 5 correct answers to win $20,000 for their charity. Wagner Warriors get the five needed correct answers with 36 seconds left on the clock.  

Now, Wagner Warriors, Girls of Grace and Women of Faith advance to the Semi-Final, which will air Thursday, May 9th at 9pm Eastern. The season Finale, where one team will win $100,000 for their charity will air Thursday, May 23rd. Sisters of Mary are the only team in the Finale as of this moment.

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