Friday, May 17, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' has success despite 'American Idol'

Futon Critic released the cable ratings for Thursday (yesterday). For those of you who do not remember, The American Bible Challenge season finale was pushed back a week from its original May 16th finale date. This was mainly due to the American Idol season finale, which attracted 14.3 million viewers, the lowest rated finale.

Still, the first rerun slot of American Bible Challenge at 9pm received 585K viewers, 76,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo. Most new episodes since March have averaged between 692,000 viewers and 850,000 viewers, besides the season premiere of 1.15 million.

You can still vote online for your favorite American Bible Challenge team of this season through Sunday. The winner will be revealed in the finale on Thursday, and will win an additional $10,000 towards their charity.


  1. why Did you Remove my eArlIer commeNts? Please put Them bACK.

  2. They were disrupting the site. I apologize.

    1. *WHAT* site, dude? All you do is rehash information from other game show blogs and this one's become the laughingstock. The only thing that people come to this one for is to see which multiple personality will show up today. Who's next...Rcott Sahner?

  3. It's disrupting the site to reveal who The Chase host is? Ready the above post very carefully and you'll see I know who it is. But I'm not pretending like you. Not stealing someone else's information like you. It's there. Where's my $100? I'll need it to defend my First Amendment rights.

  4. Funny. I did not steal anyone's information since I there is no OFFICIAL information of *the host* of The Chase yet. Just two names being tossed around, by the GSN staff, and then an offer turned down.

    It's just too hard to keep a secret from me in this genre anymore.

    I'm done playing games.