Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Ways GSN 'Minute to Win It' will succeed

The other day we discussed possible reasons of the downfall for new version of Minute to Win It, which has its sneak peak tomorrow. We've actually had a couple of e-mails in response from some of our viewers who were NBC Minute contestants, and they liked what they saw.

Because there definitely are upsides, here are some of them for the new version:

1) It Attracts the Old: If Minute strictly attracted young viewers, it wouldn't last on GSN. Sure, it's very rare a rerun of the NBC version will pick up 500,000 viewers like Harvey Feud, but the GSN audience is happy with the stunts for the most part. Dog Eat Dog is a different story.

2) It Attracts the Young: However you want to classify the younger audience in GSN (i.e. small, tiny), whatever overall fraction of that young audience is highly probable to watch Minute to Win It, unlike other originals including The Newlywed Game, which skews very small 18-49 audience, sometime under 100K in new runs. GSN brags about the young audience from the NBC reruns here.

3) Perfect scheduling: I'll tell you: Tuesday nights at 8pm and 9pm is probably the best long-term slot that they could have given Minute to Win It. Sure, they could have tried Thursday nights where Bible succeeded, but Tuesday is already where the Minute audience is. There's nothing else much to compete with in the Summer anyway.

4) Twitter: The new GSN game show has its own already, unlike American Bible Challenge. The good news for GSN is the Minute to Win It page already has around 7,400 followers, just like the GSN Twitter Page has collected. NBC Minute fans now have a heads-up for the new version.

5) Apolo: Extremely famous speed skater, champion on Dancing with the Stars and author. He gets around, unlike past-failed GSN originals hosts Mike Richards and Matt Rogers. Apolo will attract an outside-of-GSN audience, just like Bible has.

Tomorrow (5/23): Final thoughts before Sneak-Preview if Minute to Win It will see success or not om GSN.

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