Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Reasons GSN 'Minute to Win It' will fail

Oh, no, Ohno. Your new game show which you discuss a lot about on Twitter already may not last.

Looking at GSN's So-So Past with Originals...

1) Revivals Don't Work: Unless you wan't to count Catch 21 as a Gambit revival, the only re-invented show that has worked on GSN in the past five years has been The Newlywed Game, which just finished up its sixth cycle in February. Lingo and Pyramid ((very) sadly) failed. Meanwhile, GSN's own Baggage and American Bible Challenge have has success, being completely new formats to the television world.

2) It's Too Similar: People complained about The Pyramid being too similar to the classic format, while Donny Osmond's version of Pyramid saw two seasons and should have easily had a third season, instead more"Talk Shows" took its place. Osmond Pyramid had many more changes.

3)NBC's Minute to Win It reruns are fading: In the latest week of ratings, all eight airings of Minute to Win It averaged 299,000 viewers. The highest: 400K viewers; The lowest: 234,000 in primetime. All primetime airings of 5th Grader (which has been on the schedule longer) did better. Not so good, but who knows, maybe viewers would like a change.

4)Same Stunts: I would really think viewers would want to see different types of stunts, varying from the NBC version.

5) 40 episodes?: When I first heard a few bubbles about a Minute revival, I thought about 8 episodes would be ordered, which would follow American Bible Challenge. Now, I fear that the audience will tune out after weeks and weeks of two new eps every Tuesday night.

The New Minute to Win It will also go up against America's Got Talent all Summer long. What will you watch, if either?

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