Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes, PYL and $ale are declining. But only slightly

Not so great news for hard-core Sale of the Century lovers this week. In the ratings-post below I noted the weekly averages of Press Your Luck and Sale of the Century are lower than usual, which are weekdays at 9am and 9:30am ET. Here are the numbers, provided by SonoftheBronx...

Press Your Luck averages 9:00am:
4/1-4/5: 121K
4/8-4/12: 127K
4/15-4/19: 114K

Sale of the Centuryaverages 9:30am:
4/1-4/5: 131K
4/8-4/12: 138K
4/15-4/19: 129K

For the past week, Press Your Luck had 153K; 119K; 108K; 97K; 93K. Those are some rough numbers, even after great performances from Match Game a half-hour earlier. Sale of the Century had 191K; 150K; 126K; 103K; 74K. 191,000 on Friday was great, and one of the best performances yet. The lower three were just awful though. These two shows, even though they are on early, do need help. Please watch.

Match Game in the 8am hour has remained stable, and has risen very slightly since April 1st. Match Game at 8:30am has fallen slightly since Richard Dawson Family Feud left.

Match Game averages 8:00am:

4/1-4/5: 120K
4/8-4/12: 116K
4/15-4/19: 125K

Match Game averages 8:30am:
3/18-3/22: 204K
3/25-3/29: 197K
4/1-4/5: 170K
4/8-4/12: 170K
4/15-4/19: 167K

I do want classics to stay on the schedule as long as possible. Excluding Sale (I'm not a fan), most other shows pre-1pm I would rather see remain on the schedule definitely moreso than Dog Eat Dog and some others. They're historic. It's just that the 9am hour stinks up mornings now. I'd give it until around Memorial Day. If there's no rise, then send $ale to weekends. Maybe Password Plus needs a return.


  1. Think it's becoming obvious that the average viewer of GSN is not watching from show to show; how else can you explain PYL's ratings plummet from a half hour later? Went from averaging over 200K down to 115K. Yikes. Seems like $ale has caused the entire morning lineup to fall, however.

  2. People watch the same shows during the day over and over again. It becomes a habit. When schedules change, viewers may sample the new show or go find something else. But it's not likely that someone is going to stop watching the show they've been watching for years and suddenly find Sale of the Century. More common sense that the GSN people don't seem to know.

  3. Tybuki, it is a little weird that Press Your Luck moving back a half-hour has a big decline in ratings, especially with the great lead-in. PYL was also a better lead-in to the 10am Pyramid hour, as far as I've seen. Maybe if $ale declines but PYL rises during April and May, P+ could go in at 9:30am, as a better lead-in to word-associated $100,000 Pyramid.

    JP, schedule changes have messed GSN up. Baggage moved from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, and it didn't get another season. Just an example. I just hope they don't revert back to Karn Feud at 9:30am.

    Lingo should also be replaced with Super Password at 11:30am, now that I think about it.

    Also, I had to delete a post here, something I don't like doing. 'tybuki' and 'JP' are not 'Scott Rahner'. I was asleep at 12:49am ET, and in school at 1:21pm ET.

  4. You go to school Scott? What are you learning?

    But, going back to the issue at hand, I agree with what JP is saying about the "creature of habit" thing.

    Another point I would like to make is the lack of promotion that GSN has put into it's daytime programming. Most of the promos that I've seen on the network as of late are for the shows airing in primetime, or "Dog Eat Dog".

    Maybe if there were some spots promoting what's on in the morning during their higher rated dayparts, maybe ratings would go up, including the numbers for Sale and PYL.

  5. I've brought up the "Catch the Classics" ad they had last summer for shows 8am-3pm weekdays. Catch 21 and Deal or No Deal were thrown in there, but it was still a good ad.

    They should get two different daytime ads. One for mornings featuring Match Game-PYL-$ale-100K Pyramid-Super Password. Another in the afternoon for Catch 21-Lingo-Chain Reaction-Feud. That'd be great.

    And for the record, I do want Dog Eat Dog banished to late-nights on weekends, or completely gone. I mentioned in a post that its only a one year lease, effective July 2012.

  6. It's your blog, dude....Do what you want, you have every right to delete posts you don't like but realize you are now the biggest laughingstock of the game show community.

  7. I'm sure if this real woman knew about this, she wouldn't have waited a week to respond on Twitter, Chad, and had tweet(s) between the 25th of April and 4/19.

    Nice try. I see she has a life outside of Twitter.