Thursday, April 18, 2013

What a different two years make...

It's odd, but this date stands out to me for game show-related reasons. Two years ago to the date, just about to the time, I remember what I was doing...

The fifth season of The Newlywed Game was premiering at 6:30pm, which had a lot of hype. This was Sherri Shepherd's second season, and some set changes were made. Also on that night, new episodes of Love Triangle, Baggage and Improv-a-Ganza.

The schedule has changed dramatically.  Two years ago, 5pm through 3am was all originals, except an hour of Karn/O'Hurley Feud at 10pm, I believe. Now, there's block scheduling, a lot more Family Feud, and the only original that airs daily after 6pm are Baggage, and on Thursdays, American Bible Challenge.

My excitement of 2011 was more-so Lingo, which premiered of the same date as a new season of Baggage. Newlywed Game still entertained me, though I'm a fan of the first three or four seasons. Still, 2011 was a really bad, low-rated year. Only one original out of six made it through to 2012 in new episodes (which was Newlywed Game), while the rest fell behind.

The best of luck to them, and another one of these entries next year or two years from now.

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  1. GSN Schedule April 2011:
    5:00pm: Power of 10 (CBS)
    6:00pm: Newlywed Game
    6:30pm: Newlywed Game (new)
    7:00pm: Love Triangle *new)
    7:30pm: Baggage (new)
    8:00pm: Improv-a-Ganza (new)
    8:30pm: Baggage
    9:00pm: Love Triangle (7pm run)
    9:30pm: Newlywed Game (6:30pm run)
    10:00pm: Family Feud
    10:30pm: Family Feud
    11:00pm: Improv-a-Ganza (8pm run)
    11:30pm: Love Triangle (7pm run)

    Following is questionable...
    12:00am: Baggage
    12:30am: Newlywed Game
    1:00am: Millionaire (Philbin)
    2:00am: Improv-a-Ganza
    2:30am: Love Triangle

    3:00am: Card Sharks (Perry)
    3:30am: Card Sharks (Eubanks)