Saturday, April 27, 2013

The schedule needs [some] help

From the latest week of ratings, along with the first two weeks in April, there have been some/few low-spots on the schedule in early mornings and late-afternoons. I'll touch on weekdays first.

Press Your Luck and Sale of the Century have started out stale for GSN in the same way Card Sharks did with Press Your Luck last October, then averaged 160K-200K by the winter. It is hard to measure Sale of the Century's numbers when a few have been near 200K, while several others have been below 100K. Sale of the Century to me isn't as well-known as Press Your Luck, which was to me, more popular in the 80's.

Come May, if numbers for Sale remain this low, then they'll have to change the morning schedule up similar to last year.

Next comes the Feud trio from 4-7pm. The extra O'Hurley hour came along in February, which has been averaging better than Minute to Win It did at 5pm. It worked at first, but numbers have been on a steady decline. In March, the 4pm Richard Karn Feud hour averaged 360K now down to 290K, and the O'Hurley Feud hour averaged 300K now down to 250K. Last year this happened, and this year I'd like to see Feud cutback to 5-7pm again.

Maybe in late-afternoons it is the Spring weather, but numbers could still be better,

Dog Eat Dog is also not doing well on weekends at all. The Saturday 1-4pm airings were 139K, 140K and 167K. Sunday had 118K and 209K at 1pm and 2pm. Still a rise in ratings over the hours, but still not acceptable. This all compared to the 259K overall GSN average, definitely weighing that number down.

*If Sale continues to fall, Password Plus would be a better lead-in at 9:30am to the classic Pyramid hour.

*I'd try the same Feud block from last June-August which worked really well but was broken up with The Pyramid. O'Hurley at 5pm, Karn Feud at 5:30pm, then Harvey at 6pm and 6:30pm.

*At 4pm, they could be cheap and have an hour of Catch 21 like last year, or acquire Meredith's Millionaire or Syndie 5th Grader (much cheaper) for that hour

*Syndie 5th Grader could work better at 1pm if GSN wants it, and Meredith's Millionaire at 4pm.

*Send Dog Eat Dog to late-nights, where some weeks its done better at 2am than 2pm.

*I would fill Saturday afternoon with Catch 21, Minute to Win It and 5th Grader. If Syndie Millionaire were acquired, I would send it to Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons

*Sundays from 1-6pm, Harvey Feud [In my current dream schedule it's cut back in late-nights, which is why I'd make up the slots on Sunday] Sorry, but it's the only show that works.

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  1. Doesn't FX own the rights to Syndie "Fifth Grader"?
    And couldn't GSN show Meredith's "Millionaire" when they wanted to? Or did they let their rights to that show expire as well?

    Both sound like great ideas, and would help to bring eyeballs to the network.
    Hopefully not replacing those two great shows at 9am and 9:30am during the week...