Monday, April 22, 2013

Team City Takers does not take final Revelation to the fullest

For the first time in the two seasons of American Bible Challenge, one trio of contestants did not get one right answer in the Final Revelation, where with a win, a charity will be fortunate enough to get $20,000 from the show. It was brought up here on GameShowForum, and in the Episode 5 Review.

The top explanations for cases like these have been bad contestants, hard questions or the pressure and nervousness of appearing on television. They are all good reasons.

American Bible Challenge takes on a serious casting call, traveling to five cities getting different teams to take a test first, then pass a few more rounds before getting on the show. This past season, 243 teams applied and only 18 made it through to the episodes.

The City Takers didn't seem to know what they were doing through a lot of the episode, in which they only had 25 points before the Chosen Three, the least ever, and got all three right in the Chosen Three (round before the Final). I just hope viewers won't get turned off by a bad team, similar to the obnoxiousness contestant on Lingo in 2011.

Wake Up, GSN: Going on GSN's website to find the team picture, Family Trade is right on the front page for :"Tuesdays 8/7c". Trying to think what could cover up that wasted space? Maybe a game show [They should actually start advertising the new Minute to Win It on the website and Facebook more]

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