Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stunts fading?

It's just a little over two months until the new version of Minute to Win It premieres on GSN with host Apolo Anton Ohno. Looking at the latest week of ratings, the news isn't so good for stunt-related show like Dog Eat Dog and Minute to Win It. That week, all six airings of Minute to Win It averaged 257,000 viewers, with all those episodes airing in or around primetime.
39MINUTE TO WIN ITFri10:00PM-11:00PM600.2377

53MINUTE TO WIN ITSun5:00PM- 6:00PM600.2329

135MINUTE TO WIN ITTue10:00PM-11:00PM600.2230
136MINUTE TO WIN ITFri7:00PM- 8:00PM600.2229

148MINUTE TO WIN ITTue9:00PM-10:00PM600.2211

194MINUTE TO WIN ITSat7:00PM- 8:00PM600.1166

Sure, Family Trade kills the ratings on Tuesday, but Minute to Win It didn't really bounce back from the 242K Family Trade rating at 8:30pm Tuesday.

Dog Eat Dog, advertised often around the rest of the schedule for "Weekends 1/12c" has eight slots a week, more than Minute to Win It, with much less episodes. All daytime airings (5) of Dog Eat Dog averaged 154,000 viewers, while late night airings averaged 136,000 viewers.
178DOG EAT DOGSun2:00PM- 3:00PM600.1184

191DOG EAT DOGSun1:00PM- 2:00PM600.1167

204DOG EAT DOGSat3:00PM- 4:00PM600.1152

208DOG EAT DOGSat1:00PM- 2:00PM600.1149

226DOG EAT DOGSat2:00PM- 3:00PM600.1118

So what's happening? I understand some of the Dog Eat Dog numbers, and Minute to Win It had two good numbers on Friday and Sunday, but for the most part the audience is either tired of rerun abuse, the gimmicks or the fact that its not Family Feud. This is also not this week only. Minute and Dog Eat Dog have had weak performances for months now.

GSN should cut back on Dog Eat Dog, even before it leaves the schedule in July (unless lease is extend, but doubtful). But at the same time, GSN already knows how to solve their schedule problems when you have this...
1FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed9:30PM-10:00PM300.5770
3FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu11:30PM-12:00AM300.5671
4FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed9:00PM- 9:30PM300.4655
5FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed8:30PM- 9:00PM300.4637
6FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed10:00PM-10:30PM300.4620
7FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed10:30PM-11:00PM300.4616
8FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu11:00PM-11:30PM300.4611
9FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu8:30PM- 9:00PM300.4587
10FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed8:00PM- 8:30PM300.4566
11FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed11:00PM-11:30PM300.4563
12FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed7:30PM- 8:00PM300.4537
13FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu10:00PM-10:30PM300.3536
14FAMILY FEUDSat10:30PM-11:00PM300.3532
15FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Fri11:30PM-12:00AM300.3516
16FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu10:30PM-11:00PM300.3512
17FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed11:30PM-12:00AM300.3508
18NEWLYWED GAME (GSN)Sat12:30AM- 1:00AM300.3506
19FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Fri11:00PM-11:30PM300.3493
20FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Mon6:30PM- 7:00PM300.3482
21FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed6:30PM- 7:00PM300.3476
22FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat11:30PM-12:00AM300.3474
22FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu7:30PM- 8:00PM300.3474
22FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Tue6:30PM- 7:00PM300.3474
25FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sat11:00PM-11:30PM300.3452
26FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Thu8:00PM- 8:30PM300.3448
27FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed6:00PM- 6:30PM300.3445

60FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Fri2:30AM- 3:00AM300.2323
61FAMILY FEUDMon4:30PM- 5:00PM300.2319
62FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sun12:00AM-12:30AM300.2316
62FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sun12:30AM- 1:00AM300.2316
64FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Tue6:00PM- 6:30PM300.2314
65FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Fri6:30PM- 7:00PM300.2313
66FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Sun4:00PM- 4:30PM300.2312
66FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Wed1:00AM- 1:30AM300.2312
68FAMILY FEUD (HARVEY)Mon6:00PM- 6:30PM300.2311


  1. You and other bloggers need to stop looking at the total viewership numbers and instead focus on how shows do in the demographics that matter most. For GSN, it's 18-49 year olds, and most importantly 18-34 year olds. I don't know how these shows do with those specific demos, but what you're reporting here isn't the whole story. It may be that Minute to Win It and Dog Eat Dog have favorable numbers in those demographics. Or it could be that Goldhill and company have no idea what they're doing. Or both. The second part is definitely true. I do know that Family Feud outdelivers Bible Challenge in the important demographics and has proven to be a huge success for GSN.

  2. I wish I could see the demos for some of these shows, but I don't. MTWI reruns do increase the 18-49 demo by a huge percentage [according to their own press release], and Dog Eat Dog probably does too.

    I thought from the beginning that Goldhill and Company made a GREAT decision on reviving Minute to Win It. It does have a huge fan base, and the reruns upon until recently did very well. Still, if MTWI come June attracts more of the younger demo, then it will fail. That's because The younger demo is not the GSN demo.

    I am lacking some confidence in the new Minute to Win It. But time will tell.