Saturday, April 13, 2013

Source: Jeopardy! not returning to schedule until 2014

After it was pulled off over the Winter due to sagging morning ratings, a source from the GSN New York office did privately state that the Alex Trebek-hosted quizzer will not return to the schedule anytime soon. The 2008-09 season had been shown on GSN since May 28, 2012 and the lease from SONY does not expire until the spring of 2016.

This disappointed a lot of Jeopardy! fans as long as myself. I am a solid, but not dedicated fan of the show, and I like Lingo as well. It's a solid-based quizzer that has a big fan-base, which doesn't carry over to GSN unfortunately.

I remember it did do well in late-nights, but Steve Harvey's Family Feud has taken those spots. Still, I really think they could switch out Feud for Jeopardy! at 2:30am. Harvey can't last forever, even with the 11-12 episodes. Jeopardy! will most likely not be back in mornings. Between Match Game, Chain Reaction, Jeopardy! and Lingo, nothing is working out for 11:30am.

And Chuck's Lingo numbers have gone like this since the week of Feb. 25: 176K; March 4th: 171K; March 11th: 165K; March 18th: 198K; March 25th: 160K; April 1st: 137K. For the most part, worse than Jeopardy!  Match Game or Press Your Luck I think would be BEST for 11:30am.


  1. What makes the brilliant programmers at GSN think that The Chase will do well when Jeopardy hasn't? Shows like Grand Slam and Win Ben Stein's money have also failed to gain an audience on the network, but that doesn't seem to matter to Goldhill. If he wasn't so arrogant and would learn from the past, he wouldn't have so many expensive failures. The Chase may be a good show, but it isn't going to do well for GSN.

    1. Don't forget about "The Money List".
      Another good show that failed to gain traction while on GSN. Then again, it was coupled in that "Big Saturday Night" show they had a couple of summers ago...

      But staying on the topic of this post, I agree that "Press Your Luck" might work well at 11:30am. It's a light-hearted fun show that might work well against the second half of "The Price is Right" (in Eastern markets).

      Besides, they tried "Match Game" before, and look at where it is in the current lineup...

    2. The Money List was not a hard quiz show. It failed because it was part of the Big Saturday Night disaster that lost millions because no one at GSN had the intelligence to realize that breaking up game shows with smaller games and lame comedy bits was a bad idea. It caused shows that should have been a half hour to stretch to 90 minutes and it destroyed any continuity within the program itself. I guess they did learn something because they haven't done anything that stupid again.

      But GSN's development slate lacks any originality and they continually get burned when they try and do what every other network does. There are dozens of Pawn Shop shows, so GSN does theirs and it fails. Now they're trying a Dance Moms ripoff which will suffer a similar fate. Until Goldhill goes, GSN's programming will be one failed ripoff followed by the next.

  2. Good point, Craig. "Big Saturday Night" (2009) was a fail and beyond. 20Q was a part of that I believe. The Money List actually had potential, but timeslot and glitches in the format was the downfall.

    JP, I don't think Goldhill is the problem with GSN. He's done a great job with the network, especially lately with Introcaso-Davis on board. There have been hits under him: Catch 21, Baggage, Newlywed Game and American Bible Challenge. Even Lingo, 1 vs 100 and Pyramid weren't huge fails. It's just the reality/non-game show factor he keeps green-lighting.

    For 11:30am, MG may work. It did well in its double run at 8am from December 2010-sometime in 2012, and that was with rerun abuse. PYL would work since it would get a huge audience in the West that wants to see it Live and not tape it.

    1. Both Catch 21 and Newlywed Game were developed before Goldhill got there. Baggage and American Bible Challenge are both big hits, and he and his team get a lot of credit for those.

      BUT--when a series lasts for one season like Lingo, and 1 vs. 100 and Pyramid, that's a failure. Add Drew Carey's show, the Muppets, two disastrous hidden camera shows, Carnie Wilson losing weight, people trading Pigs for Cars, Big Saturday Night, the Game Show Awards, Wendy Williams, and the most expensive acquisition in GSN history with Dancing with the Stars, Goldhill has demonstrated he has no clue how to run the network. What you or I think isn't really important. It's all about the numbers and his expensive investments have turned up to be losers. The network has grown its online presence through acquiring other companies and that has proven to be a good move. But when it comes to television, they don't know what they're doing.

      The Chase is going to be another disappointment. You'll see.