Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rumored: 'The Impostor' to GSN

It's been thrown around here and there, but now we have news on the most likely cable network it will land on. Looks like it's not TBS or any of their other sisters stations (like TruTV), as well as The Hub.

GSN will most likely be producing The Impostor. This is a game show where a contestant is introduced to a family consisting of five or more members (mother, father, children, grandparents), and has to figure out which one of the individuals is not actually part of the family.  The casting call was listed here earlier in March, and is now closed.

I can easily see this landing on GSN. The top prize is $25,000, fit for GSN's budget. The network is also trying to attempt "out of studio based game shows". This is a family game show, just what GSN is looking for, trying not to revert back to some of the 2011 originals.

We won't know if The Impostor will have a possibility of making it to air until the GSN upfronts are released next Tuesday. Even from there, The Impostor could still not make it to television. We will have to wait and see for the finalized news soon.


  1. I saw your previous post about Alex Davis.

    You know, this is getting beyond insane. This guy sounds like a complete jerk. There's one thing about freedom of speech, but Buzzerblog has to be stopped somehow

  2. First off, I'm a different Alex Davis. But someone else I know who checks this blog periodically told me about the entry two down.

    I don't know who this is, but I went to his Twitter and thinking back I may have read Buzzerblog since my family and I appeared on Family Feud in 2009.

    Looks like the "Other Alex Davis", not me, has to be stopped. He appears unfriendly and childish, considering his profile picture looks like he's in college or older in life.

    The fact that his tweets are protected means he's hiding something. Must be sketchy. The whole website and his tweets have to be put under moderation.

  3. Thank you all for acknowledging this. It's an issue, and both Alex and Chad have been serious annoyances. I'm trying to stop it, but I have to speak out. I can't use Twitter because I don't have one. It's to a point where I'm tired of getting angry e-mails from ding-bats about it.

    Btw, thanks for pertaining to the subject of "The Impostor". (Just Kidding)

  4. Scott, I feel you. These other two have Twitter to pick on people and you don't. You're just trying to stack your claim.

    I enjoy Buzzerblog, but I enjoy this site too. I'm about to enjoy Buzzerblog less figuring out what's going on here.

  5. Alex Davis at Buzzerblog=serious annoyance

    His idea of banning IP Addresses is childish.

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