Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rerun abuse? [setting the record straight]

A lot of buzz before the 2011-12 episodes of Steve Harvey Feud came around that episodes of Steve Harvey's first season were abused more than any other show on GSN, ever. Not true by far.

There have been some episodes of some shows, just in the past few years that have been recycled through the schedule heavier than 2010-11 Feud. Episodes of Harvey's first season have been cycled through the schedule 7-10 times, just estimating by Number of episodes X Slots per week. There have/were shows that got more than 10 cycles through the schedule, like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Philbin), Catch 21 (seasons 3/4), Deal or No Deal and Match Game 74.

When it comes to rerun abuse, who else but Bill Engvall's Lingo in 2011, whose episodes have had 26-50 appearances on the schedule.. (It depends when the episodes aired in the Summer of 2011 to determine the amount). The show did have two marathons, and then has been in daytime January 2012. Engvall Lingo had also at one point aired 41 times a week, with only 40 episodes. This was from July-August 2011.

By the way, our comment policy here must stay on topic to game shows, especially when it's the first post on an article. I like how someone named "Anonymous" tries to claim that a picture I posted here in there own.

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  1. Hi, I like how you try to pass it off as if you didn't. I wasn't intending to be anonymous. That GSN graphic is something I made and posted to my Twitter and the least you could do is credit me. Or not.