Monday, April 15, 2013

Report: Sherri Shepherd leaving 'The Newlywed Game'

There have already been a few circulation rumors about The Newlywed Game and its future on GSN. A source from the GSN office stated that it would not return for another season, while the production company did say that Newlywed Game would have a casting call  for "Later in 2013".

This has not been fully confirmed yet but Sherri Shepherd will most likely not be back on The Newlywed Game. We contacted, but have not heard from any of her agents this past weekend. The top of her Twitter page does not mention that she is apart of The Newlywed Game, like it used to.

Another season is still up for grabs, and there is a confidence level when it comes to ratings but also the fact that The Newlywed Game was mentioned in the upfronts as a "Current show", but has not been on the weekday schedule in new runs for two months.

For my own sake, I don't care if it returns. It's had six seasons, over 430 episodes, the most for a GSN original, as well as celebrity episodes and everything else a cable game show could have. For the network's sake, Newlywed Game should return. The episodes are cheap to produce, and the set is cheap to put up. Casting isn't a problem like they started to have with Catch 21. Lots of couples still want to appear, plus in ratings the new episodes on Thursday nights averaged 300K and north.

Still, the network may decide, just like for Baggage, Chain Reaction and Lingo that there are enough episodes to put on the rerun shelf, and a lot of casual viewers won't tell whether the episodes are New or reruns.

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