Friday, April 5, 2013

Ratings Update: Press Your Luck, Sale of the Century, Super Password

Thanks to Douglas Pucci at Son of the Bronx on Twitter, we have a few stats about some of the newest classic acquisitions this past week, as long as the status of Family Trade.

First off, we already know that Family Trade had 222,000 viewers at 8pm on April 2nd for the new episode, and the previous week rerun had 223,000 viewers at 8:30pm. Interesting.

Then, with Press Your Luck in its new slot at 9am, the show did underwhelming with 110K viewers on Monday, 88K viewers on Tuesday, and 103K viewers on Wednesday.

Sale of the Century, GSN's Newest classic acquisition had 131K viewers on Monday, 120K viewers on Tuesday and 89K viewers on Wednesday, most of the time rising from Press Your Luck.

Super Password at 11am with a new lease of episodes got its average numbers with 222K on Monday, 173K on Tuesday and 150K on Wednesdays.

I've seen this before in the 9am hour, where shows start off slot after a schedule change. It happened last time around with Card Sharks and Press Your Luck in October, then ratings went up for those two shows, respectively.Then, Press Your Luck did well enough to stay on the schedule. Same thing with Harvey Feud. iIt started off slow on Wednesday nights, and look where it is now.

The full tweet is here. Thanks Douglas.


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