Monday, April 29, 2013

Predicting GSN

A slow news day, just like any Monday here it seems. Today, here's a look at what will most likely be coming up at the network with the current shows on the schedule. No upcoming acquisitions or shows, just the ones on the schedule and Family Trade. These are just predictions through the end of 2013:

American Bible Challenge- Leaves schedule after May finale, and possible Season 2 Marathon Independence Day. There will be a season 3.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?- Seeing the ratings now, more exposure. They'll try to sneak it into primetime (besides Sunday), give 5th Grader some weekend afternoon slots. Possible Independence Day marathon.

Baggage- Only in late-nights, out of Friday nights, but will still remain 4-a-day through end of year.

Catch 21- More exposure somewhere (again). Possible movement in schedule change in afternoon.

Chain Reaction- Ratings will slip with the 130 episodes, but will still keep a weekday slot or same double-run. Possible movement in schedule change in afternoon.

Dog Eat Dog- Gone by July. In May-June, cutback to late-nights and 1-3 weekend daytime slots, down from five.

Family Feud (Harvey)- More slots. Will take Thursday nights completely, as well as Tuesday nights between New Minute to Win It. Independence Day marathon.

Family Feud (Karn)- No cutback. Keeps at least one weekday slot, Monday night airings and Sunday afternoon. Saturday nights may be tooled with (probably more Karn on Saturday nights)

Family Feud (O'Hurley)- Cutback weekday afternoons, if not completely gone. Will stick to Monday nights, cutback Saturday nights.

Family Trade- Independence Day marathon, otherwise no return.

Lingo (Engvall)- No major movements, ratings will decline weekdays throughout next few months. Could get replaced with Catch 21 at 2:30pm

Lingo (Woolery)- Vanish from schedule again

Match Game- Ratings will rise and the show will get more exposure than 8am.

Million Dollar Password- No movement. 

Minute to Win It (NBC)- By June 25th: Out of weekday primetime, gone from most of weekends. Only possible slots that would remain is weekends pre-2pm (for two hours a day max), or weekend late-nights (replacing Dog Eat Dog)

Newlywed Game (Shepherd)- Will die down to around 6 slots by the Summer, but will get more rerun slots in late-nights and even primetime (again) in the Fall.

Password Plus- More exposure eventually. Ratings will rise weekend mornings with Kennedy episodes.

Dick Clark's Pyramid- Will get cutback weekdays, but exposure on weekends, most likely pre-1pm.

Super Password- Will get more slots somewhere, most likely on weekends.

The Pyramid (GSN)- Will make a comeback (reruns-wise). 2 slots on Sunday may be taken away, but either the weekday slot comes back, or pushed into a later time on weekends.

Whammy! (GSN)- Bounces off schedule by end of year.


  1. No predictions about PYL or Sale?

  2. Too tough to tell. If anything, $ale to weekends, PYL more exposure later in mornings/somewhere else on schedule

    Then again, that does not make sense. I'd think PYL and $ale would increase/decrease in ratings at the same rate/week.