Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News flashes: April 10, 2013

Not a big news day after the upfronts. Here what else is happening here on Wednesday:

Got an e-mail from GSN with a preview. The Christian Wresting Foundation,  Righteous Rubies and Sisters of Mary will also face off in the first round of the semi-finals tomorrow night at 9pm ET. The second semi-final takes place May 9th, and the finale in Thursday, May 16th.

A poster argues if Family Trade will remain on the schedule through the week of April 22-28, particularly in its Saturday morning rerun slot where it bombed (31K at 9am; 59K at 9:30am). I believe it will. It keeps to slot on April 13th according to the online schedule, then one week to go after that.

Douglas Pucci posted more ratings on Twitter. On Friday, Press Your Luck had 129K viewers, $ale had 137K viewers, and Super Password had 201K. On Monday of this week, PYL had 129K, $ale had 133K and SP at 11am had 152K. Some weak numbers but they can't get too much better for mornings.

Douglas Pucci also reports on Tuesday, April 9th, Press Your Luck scored 162K, Sale of the Century had 199K (highest yet) and Super Password had 170K.

The New York Times and other news websites could care less about dating shows Where Have You Been all My Life and Mind of a Man. They're focusing on the Church-based one, It Takes a Church. Doesn't sound like the best idea to me, but it sure gets media attention which GSN is trying to get at.

Also, weird how GSN mentioned Family Trade as their "Current Programming" in their upfront. Newlywed Game is listed there too, which is a good sign for another season, and also Family Feud is on the same list too. It's not their show!

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