Saturday, April 27, 2013

'Newlywed Game' not returning

The Newlywed Game First: This is what I've heard around, but not confirmed from a GSN source (since they never actually come out and say their shows are cancelled. i.e. Catch 21, Baggage, Love Triangle, Pyramid). The GSN source I had a few months ago was here, then flip-flopped here from the production/casting company.

Looks like GSN's longest running original, The Newlywed Game will not be returning. On Sherri Shepherd's Twitter page Sherri has taken down evidence that she is still hosting The Newlywed Game. GSN and Sherri Shepherd have not responded to any of our tweets either sent during the week. Also, on the GSNTV homepage Newlywed Game for "Sundays 10/9c" was taken down this week, as was Family Trade.

After the way the sixth season was treated (October 2012-February 2013), I saw this coming. There were a lack of ads and care. I actually mind this cancellation. It's not really a dumb one like some others in recent history. Newlywed Game had 430 episodes, the most ever for a GSN original, and still has eight appearances on the weekend schedule, zero weekdays.

I also get why it's not back for another season. GSN would now rather focus on Minute to Win It, The Chase, American Bible Challenge and others, already and potential REAL rating-winners.

My prediction for the reruns: They will go the way of Baggage. Fade away to a few slots, then by the Summer or Fall get back into late-nights

[To clear that up, after the new runs of Baggage ended in Spring 2012, Baggage faded away to 1:30am and eliminated from primetime. The show was brought back to midnight only, then had gained a lot more slots in September 2012 and primetime visibility again]


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  2. I love sharri shepherd and the newlywed game...I think she should get the game show who wants to be a millionaire, and get those goofy men off there

  3. I agree.I think she's an awesome host on the newlywed game. I hate to see it leave. She would also be awesome on "who wants to be a millionaire.

  4. I think Sherri did an outstanding job as Newly Wed Game host. Her personality was perfectly tailored for that show and its content. I think they should have experimented with different time spots for it to air before canceling it. I watch the reruns every morning now and it feels like its still live and active. Really unfortunate that it ended.

  5. Sherri was great at hosting and the show was excellent especially when they asked personal sexual questions eg. about comparing spouse body parts etc.