Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NBC Minute to Win It airings: Will GSN repeat failing path of revivals?

Lingo 2011. "Not renewed"; The Pyramid 2012. "Cancelled" Minute to Win It 2013. ???

All these shows are similar. They are revivals of either classic or more modern game shows. Though, the three above all have had reruns of excessive previous version(s) on the schedule before/during the new version was airing.

An example: The Newlywed Game and Gambit (which turned into Catch 21). Newlywed Game and Catch 21 turned out successful on GSN as originals that continued on for several seasons. Catch 21 and The Newlywed Game in 2008 and 2009 did not have previous version(s) airing on the schedule.

Minute to Win It does though now, eight times a week. The Chuck Woolery version of Lingo, in 2011, at one point had five slots a day, mainly in daytime. Dick Clark's Pyramid in August 2012 had 20 slots on the schedule, just a month before the new version.

Lingo and The Pyramid both went down. Some speculate, including myself believe that Lingo and The Pyramid failed since there was too much exposure with the Woolery/Clark on the schedule before/at the time of New runs, giving the franchise too much exposure (This definitely applies for Pyramid)

So GSN: It would be the best benefit to cut back on NBC's Minute to Win It. It airs Tuesday and Friday nights, as well as weekend afternoons once each day. It's not as much airtime as Feud and Baggage, but at the same time, it's a lot. Definitely should be cut Tuesday nights. A few weekend runs should remain, but if I were GSN, looking at their past track record, NBC Minute should leave weekdays.


  1. The best thing GSN can do is axe the new Pyramid game show and bring back Chuck Woolery to do Lingo. But the new version of The Pyramid is just horrible!! It has to go!

    1. I would love that, personally.

      'The Pyramid' (2012) is already cancelled, but it lingers around the schedule in reruns, just like most other cancelled/worn-out originals