Friday, April 12, 2013

'Minute to Win It' preview coming May 16th; 'The Chase' casting

Hard core-fans of Minute to Win It don't have to wait until June 25th. GSN has released an ad on their network, stating that a sneak preview of the new Minute to Win It will be shown May 16th at 10pm (Eastern). That follows the season finale of American Bible Challenge. The ad states "Coming to GSN, One of the greatest athletes of his time hosts the most challenging game show of all time"

Also, The Chase here in America is now casting. After the pilot from FOX was not ordered into a series, GSN has a turn. The casting call is here, and doesn't say anything specific about age but I would guess it is 18 and over. Auditions are Los Angeles on April 27th, New York and Chicago on May 4th, then Boston and Washington DC on May 11th. Good for GSN, it looks like they're putting a lot of effort into this.

I do think they will make The Chase into a hit, even close to the status of American Bible Challenge. It's just that it's not specific-subject based show, like Bible is. Still, just get the right host, and advertise it right. Not Larry the Cable Guy, please.

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