Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Ask America renewed for second season; future involvement with GSN

Kevin Pereira tweet: Apparently @letsaskamerica was picked up for a second season. Not sure April 1st is the best way to find out.

No, it's not an April Fools Day joke. The partially-national syndicated game show, which lets contestants play from their homes/offices via webcams to win $50,000, has been renewed for a second season. There is no official press release yet, but when there is it will be here.

Lets ask America replaced shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! in 13 markets across the country, for a cheaper option for these networks. Making a new game show from Scripps is easier than airing most, expensive SONY game shows.

In the thirteen markets Let's Ask America has been in, it's maintained a 1-something rating, usually very close to a 2.0. These are very good numbers considering its appearance is only in very few markets.

If the Scrips allows it, Let's Ask America will be on GSN in no time come the 2013-14 television year. Let's Ask America has a similar format to Family Feud by surveying 100 people per question, will not be expensive to acquire, and has a good host, Kevin Pereira. By this time next year, I could see GSN eyeing this to pick up, and succeeding in reruns.

To be fair, Let's Ask America is similar to what GSN did with 1 vs 100. Webcams. Cheap budget. See it?

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  1. I've tried three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Mobile) and nothing came up about text running off the screen. Can you tell me what browser it is from you or anyone else who has experienced this issue?

    Hope this is not an April Fools:)

    Thanks for the observation!