Monday, April 22, 2013

'It Takes a Church' update and another familiar face

Just this month, It Takes a Church, a new dating series was mentioned in the GSN 2013-14 upfronts, and even though it has not been greenlit by the network, is most likely to be airing sometime within the next year. My reasoning that it will be greenlit is due to the mass success of American Bible Challenge. If there's not a huge response to a casting call, which will most likely be out later this Spring, expect it to go the way of War of the Rose Sisters.

This article mentions the easy reasons It Takes a Church could and will be a success. 1) Less trash/alcohol; 2) Long time until marriage/no rushing; 3) Curiosity on how medium/hard core-Christians date; 4) No sex; 5) No arguments=No drama; 6) No fights, no arguments=Less drama; 7) Smart, passionate contestants.

If this is the way the show will be produced, I like how it's going. Still, an out-of-studio game show seems like a risk to me, even though it's cheap to produce. It skews reality, yes, and GSN also has to offer Where Have You Been All My Life (piloted with Brooke Burns), as well as Mind of a Man.

Bert Convy and Burt Reynolds on "Win, Lose or Draw."
Classic fans: Bert Convy may not be the "McDonalds" of game shows. Dick Clark, Richard Dawson among a few others may have been much more famous than him, but Convy is getting some attention now. The article mentions how Convy, with the help of others inspired Win Lose or Draw, which is leading to the upcoming Disney remake. Burt Reynolds gets a lot of mention as well.

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