Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This caught my eye.

Oxygen network, where current GSN head of programming and development Amy Introcaso-Davis used to work, has unveiled their newest show yet, Find Me a Man. Turns out, it's a hit.

This does sound a little familiar to some of the dating shows GSN has come up with in their latest upfronts, and the title sounds very close to Mind of a Man. The series on Oxygen focuses on women, men, dating and all that good stuff. Just the series you see on Oxygen doesn't skew game show one bit.

Still, GSN attracts a female audience and more females would rather see dating shows then men for the most part. Baggage may have skewed more men, but shows like The Newlywed Game skew women heavily.

America seems to like dating shows as well. The Bachelor still works on ABC now being on more than a decade. Ready for Love basically failed on NBC last night, but at the same time that doesn't stop cable.

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