Monday, April 8, 2013

GSN Upfronts: What Should be done

GSN UNVEILS ITS NEW PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPMENT SLATE DURING NETWORK UPFRONT EVENT IN NEW YORK CITY  With another year comes another line of GSN shows. For the 2012-13 season, we had two hour-long originals, two half-hour shows and five reality shows. This year should be different, and more successful. Here's what GSN should come up with for the next year...

Renewals (2)- We already know American Bible Challenge is back for a third season. The number of episodes is unknown. Newlywed Game should be back for its seventh season.

Hour-long originals (2-4)- These can be costly, but they pay off like Bible did. These hour-long weekly originals typically grab a lot of attention to the network. We're due for a quizzer like a 5th Grader revival or something like Greed, and/or also a quizzer on a specific subject like Sports, Movies or weather/science may work. 

Cheap half-hour shows (at least 3)- Examples of this are Catch 21 and Baggage, or the Brooke Burns dating show pilot. Something like a Card Sharks revival would work, despite the A.M. numbers, where about $5,000 is given away an episode. No big prizes. No BIG name host. Just a simple show.

No reality again. Please.

At least in last year's upfronts the actual game shows made it to air. Beat the Chefs and American Bible Challenge made it in August, and obviously one survived better than the other. The Pyramid premiered in September, then came the sixth season of The Newlywed Game in October. For the other "out-of-studio" shows, Family Trade was the only out of the five to make it to air, War of the Rose Sisters had a casting call, and three out of the five never saw the press or anything.

I'm not saying this will happen tomorrow morning, but it is my personal opinion for the better of Game Show Network. At this moment, I do know of another show that will make it to the upfronts, not including The Impostor (still a maybe). For personal reasons, I'd rather not make them public at this point.

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