Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GSN Upfronts: What I know

Here's the little information we have received on the status of the 2013-14 television season...

American Bible Challenge (renewal): 
Yes, it is getting a third season. There's a huge casting call for it. Foxworthy has not been approached as host for the third season yet, but he most likely will be back. I don't see why not. Also, they may have celebrity episodes, returning champions from the first two seasons, therefore more than a 9-episode order.

The Newlywed Game (renewal):
Not 100% sure but I've been hearing YES to a seventh season, with Shepherd returning. A casting call has not been green-lighted by GSN yet. Episodes probably won't shoot to the Summer.

Dating shows:
After the success of Baggage, they might go for another one or two. They did shoot a pilot with Brooke Burns, but there's no confirmation. I'm hearing if it does make it to the light of day, it will be re-titled. Good luck to them, but I'd try word-association games rather than dating.

More on 'The Impostor' to GSN

Reality/"Out of studio":
They have two shows that they have the rights to and are working on. They sound worse than Family Trade. One of them has been mentioned before. No further comment.

I can't give away anything else. I don't need lawyers chasing me down if I give away too much. They're working on a couple other revivals to air in the third and fourth quarter of this year, but I'm not stating which. Nothing official until next Tuesday, when they make the press release public.

My opinion on this matter is for GSN not to blow their budget with hour-long weekly originals. Sure, American Bible Challenge was a hit, but to catch over a million on another original will be rare. GSN should go with shows that were a hit like Catch 21 and Baggage, but also so cheap to produce.

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