Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GSN Upfronts 2013-14

Minute to Win it, The Chase, The Impostor and so much more to come this following television year. GSN is launching many types of new shows for the upcoming 2013-14 television year, all highlighted in this press release.

Series in Production
Minute to Win It will premiere Tuesday, June 25th at 8pm, indicating that it will be a weekly series with host Apolo Ohno. In the hour-long episodes, a pair of contestants takes on tasks, but only have 60-seconds to complete them. If they complete 10, with the help of three lives, they will walk away with a quarter of a million dollars.

The Chase is a quizzer from the UK, which does have a huge following and will hopefully carry over to GSN. In each hour-long episode, a team of four contestants tries to answer as many questions as possible in the 60-second round to build up money.

Where Have You Been All My Life is a dating show hosted by Brooke Burns that we've previously mentioned. Each 30-minute episode will feature a dater with three potential suitors. But, the viewers and the dater do not know what they men look like. In the end, one suitor will be chosen.

The Impostor is a game show where an individual, interacting through a family over the course of 48-hours must determine which member of the family does not actually belong. The individual must observe everybody's move to find The Impostor. If the houseguest(s) correctly find The Impostor, they win $25,000. More here.

Series In Development
Dance Rivals: A reality show where two ballroom studios in Utah compete against each other to find out who's better. The teams of dancers compete to see who comes in first and second place each week.

It Takes a Church is a one-hour series in which an individual does not know that he/she is about to escape the dating world, and with the help of friends, family and the rest of the parish, one will find his/her suitor.

Mind of a Man is a series where two female contestants figure out what men really think about. The questions on the show have been previously surveyed and answered by 100 men. A celebrity panel will be involved, and if the woman can successfully get inside the mind of a man, she will win up to $15,000.

You Don't Know What You're Missing is a show where a family member must race around the house to try to figure out which ten important items are missing, and the better the player does, the more cash is rewarded.

We'll see where these go. These aren't exactly strictly game shows, and there are a couple dating shows as well as reality shows in the mix too. I was looking for something like word-association games, card games and one or two non-traditionals, but instead we landed with at least six non-traditional game shows, while Minute to Win It is the only exception so far.

No status on Newlywed Game, and surprised they didn't mentioned American Bible Challenge returning. They also have Family Trade as a "present series"

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