Saturday, April 20, 2013

GSN Schedules for May 6-12; May 13-19

The advanced schedules for the middle of May have been posted at GameShowFollies. Have no fear, Family Trade is still gone. There are very few other changes.

Effective the week, and most likely only the week of May 13-19, American Bible Challenge will pick up a few more reruns. For every time Bible usually runs, another episode will follow. GSN will air both rounds of the semi-final (One episode from 4/11, second from 5/9) in the following spots:

Thursday 9pm & 10pm
Thursday 12am & 1am
Saturday 11am & 12pm
Saturday 7pm & 8pm
Sunday 6pm & 7pm
Sunday 1am & 2am

Not that they have too much to lose in most of those spots, but those are heavy rerun cycles. I would have suggest just the Thursday primetime and Sunday reruns, considering there is not one new episode that week. Also, the Saturday morning rerun bombed this past week. There will not be a new episode that week due to the finale of American Idol that Thursday night, which is most likely the reason.

Later this morning, the recap of the fifth episode of American Bible Challenge will come up.

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