Thursday, April 25, 2013

Apolo Ohno on 'Good Morning America'

Video here.

This morning, Apolo Ohno appeared on Good Morning America, exactly two months before the new Minute to Win It premiere on GSN. Apolo promotes the show, and they even play a game with two contestant trying to un-ravel party streamers in 30 seconds.

Looking at the previews, a lot of stunts that were seen were also used on the NBC version. "Face the Cookie" is repeated as well. Seriously hope there are some new, exciting stunts, or the new version will be a turn-off.

This is incredible advertising for GSN, the small cable network. The same type of advertisements happened with American Bible Challenge, and we know how that turned out. I assume some of this same advertisement style will occur for The Chase and It Takes a Church.

Both the May 23rd Sneak Peak and June 25th premiere date were mentioned.


  1. There are no new stunts on GSN's Minute To Win It. All of the stunts appeared previously on the NBC version. It's one of the many reasons this show will be a loser for GSN.

  2. Well that sucks. I'm sorry. But it does.

    There are also three lives and a similar money ladder. They should have completely reformatted the show. The NBC version was turning into a mess.

    Let's see...I'll still watch. As long as there are no/little gimmicks.