Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' votes counting up; MTWI pics

As mentioned earlier, for the upcoming season finale of American Bible Challenge GSN is holding an online vote for whichever team is the fan favorite.

Sisters of Mary are in the lead by a huge margin. I wonder why this is? The most probable reason is since they were the first (and only team) yet to advance to the May 23rd Finale, for a shot at $100,000. There are four teams who still have 0%, and most other teams have less than 10% of the vote.

The winner will be announced in the May 23rd finale, another stunt to boost ratings for American Bible Challenge, just like the Steve Harvey Family Feud Viewers' choice contest last August. I'm not complaining though. It could definitely be worse. It could be Family Trade.

Minute to Win It fans: The NBC version will air from 7-11PM ET tonight on GSN with no breaks. Also, Chad Mosher on his Twitter page last night posted some more photos of the GSN Minute set.

Whole Minute to Win It set
Contestant facing time
Ohno on the set of Minute to Win It

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