Sunday, April 28, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' Season 2 episode 6 recap.

Airdate: 4/25/2013

Teams: Redeemed Rednecks: Team from Georgia who live on a huge farm who wish to support their ministry. Girls of Grace: Team supporting an organization that one of their mothers started, where Christians in distress would come for help. First and Faith: Team of Cleveland Brown-Players who are playing for charity "One More" for sharing the life of christ by meeting individual's needs.

bcHarmony: Teams get a sample dating card, similar to what occurs now on eHarmony, only the card describes someone from the bible-era. A contestant buzzes in, each correct answer is worth 10 points.

Example: Profession: Phophet; Biggest weakness: I'm judgemental about foreign cities, but I'm learning; Favorite First Date: Anything but whale watching. Answer: Jonah

Score: Redeemed Rednecks: 10; Girls of Grace: 10; First and Faith: 10;

Next: 100 You-version (online bible) readers were surveyed for the following. The team(s) who gets the right percentage wins 25 points.

What percentage believed there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark?

Redeemed Rednecks picked 27%; Girls of Grace picked 47%; First and Faith picked 27%. The correct answer was 27%

Redeemed Rednecks (+25) 35; Girls of Grace: 10; First and Faith: (+25) 35

Stunts: Each team has a table of cards representing four correct answers. A question is given, and one contestant at a time needs to carry the card over to a table with a straw. 90 seconds are given, and the team with the most correct and most cards placed on the table win 50 additional points.

First and Faith crushes the competition 6-0-0

Redeemed Rednecks: 35; Girls of Grace: 10; First and Faith (+50) 85

Manna on the Street: Each team (only two contestants play) is asked a question where they must fill in the blank from a bible verse. No multiple choice. Correct answers worth 50 points.

Redeemed Rednecks: 35; Girls of Grace (+50) 60; First and Faith: 85

The Chosen People's Court: Imagining fictional situations that a biblical judge maybe had to rule on. The Plaintiff, defendant and crime is given, and then by multiple choice contestants must decide how the case would be resolved/individual would be punished.

Redeemed Rednecks: 35; Girls of Grace: (+50) 110; First and Faith: (+50) 135

Chosen Three: One contestant plays per team. The contestant is given a question and six answers. Three are correct. Each correct answer is worth 100 points, all three are worth 300 points.

First and Faith is first, and if Robert plays. If he goes three for three, First and Faith is guaranteed a spot in the final. Robert gets two correct.

Redeemed Rednecks are next. Mike plays. He needs one to stay in the game. Mike goes three for three.

Girls of Grace are last. Elizabeth plays. She needs three to go to Final Revelation. Elizabeth achieves three correct answers, guaranteeing them a spot in the Final Revelation. 

Final:  Redeemed Rednecks: 335; Girls of Grace: 410; First and Faith: 335

Tiebreaker: Between Redeemed Rednecks and First and Faith. Jeff reads a question. Whoever buzzes in first and correct advances to the Final Revelation.

Tie-breaker question: What is the name of the garden where Jesus prayed before his arrest?

Robert from First and Faith: Yosemite 

First and Faith advance, play against Girls of Grace.

Final Revelation: Category in "Children of the Bible". Both teams get 10 minutes for bible study. When on stage, one team plays at a time. Jeff asks the trio of contestants one question at a time. Each player can pass and the next question is told. The winning team wins $20,000 towards their charity, and advanced to the May 9th Semi-Final.

First and Faith are first: Correct: 6; Passed/Incorrect: 3

Girls of Grace need 7 to win the night: Correct: 7 in 45 seconds; Passed/Incorrect: 2

Girls of Grace in $20,000 towards their charity, advance to Semi-Final. First and Faith win $5,000 for their charity. 

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