Saturday, April 20, 2013

American Bible Challenge season 2 episode 5 Recap.

Airdate: Thursday, April 18th

Teams: Cowboy Crusaders: A group of bull-riders who are playing for men with low self-esteem they know from rodeo. Women of Faith: Christian Music artists who take part in the Women of Faith foundation, a charity who helps other women from troubles, as well as children from slavery. City Takers: Previous troublemakers raised in bad communities, who were transformed by god, and use rap-music to spread their thoughts about anti-drugs and violence.

Biblical bumper stickers: The contestants are shown are bumper sticker than might have appeared during the bible-era on a chariot or donkey.. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Multiple choice.

Example: "I was Here". Who would most likely have it? Answer: Jonah.

Score: Cowboy Crusaders: 0; Women of Faith: 30; City Takers: 0

Next: You-version (online bible) users were asked "Which event in the life of Jesus would you most likely want to be present at?"
-The Nativity
-The Crucifixion
-The Resurrection

All three teams stated the Resurrection. All three teams were right, which means all three get an additional 25 points.

Cowboy Crusaders: 25; Women of Faith: 55; City Takers: 25

Stunts: Each team has a table of cards representing four answers. A question is given, and one member of the team needs to pick up the card with a straw from the table and place it on the podium a few feet away. The team who gets the most correct answers achieves 50 points. Teams get 90 seconds.

Women of Faith had 3 correct and placed on the table, while the City Takers and Cowboy Crusaders had two correct.

Cowboy Crusaders: 25; Women of Faith (+50) 105; City Takers: 25

My Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse: Contestants play in teams of two. Contestants are given a phrase or name and have to figure out if that phrase or name is from "Bible Ends" or My Little Pony, "Magic Friends". Each correct answer is worth 50 points.

Only Women of Faith get one, while Cowboy Crusaders and City Takers were incorrect on theirs.

Cowboy Crusaders: 25; Women of Faith (+50) 155; City Takers: 25

Kirk's Righteous Remix: The choir sings a verse recapping an event in the bible. A question within in verse is asked. Correct answers are worth 50 points.

Cowboy Crusaders: (+50) 75; Women of Faith (+50) 205; City Takers: 25

Chosen Three: One contestant per team plays. They are given a multiple choice question with six choices. Only three are correct. Each correct answer he/she gets is worth 100 points.

Lisa plays for Women of Faith. If Lisa gets at least two correct, Women of Faith are a lock in the final. Lisa does indeed get two correct. Women of Faith advance.

City Takers need one right to stay alive. 'Enlitement' plays for City Takers. Enlitement goes three for three.

Cowboy Crusaders need three answers to advance to the final revelation. Contestant Jeff plays. Jeff only gets two correct.

Final: Cowboy Crusaders: 225; Women of Faith: 405; City Takers: 325

Final Revelation: Category is "Egypt". Contestants are given 10 minutes for bible study. The first team comes out and is given one minute to answer as many questions as they can. Jeff asks the question one at a time to an individual team contestant. 1, then 2, then 3, then that repeats. If a contestant doesn't know the question, they can pass.

City Takers come out first. They get zero correct answers. They miss 8. Not good at all.

Women of Faith come on out. They only need one in 60 seconds to win $20,000 for their charity and advance to the semi-final. Women of Faith score one in two seconds (58 seconds remaining)

Women of Faith win and advance to the second Semi-Final, which will air May 9th.

Opinion: From early on, the women were dominating. Women of Faith did get the first three multiple choice, the You-version question, as well as the stunt. City Takers and Cowboy Crusaders didn't have more than 25 points until Kirk's round, which was right before the Chosen Three. This episode was possibly a victim of bad casting, where two out of three team were bad. I just hope viewers don't get turned off from the Final Revelation blowout, because that was a disaster.

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