Saturday, April 6, 2013

American Bible Challenge Season 2; Episode 3 Recap

Airdate: 4/4/13. The team who wins this faces the Christian Wrestling Foundation and the Sisters of Mary in the first Semi-Final on April 11th.

Teams: Holy Rollers: Motorcycle gang playing for a Church toy drive. The three men joined a bible study a while back, and have helped the church since. Righteous Rubies: One girl in group who was picked on throughout high school, playing for a camp of girls who have been through emotional abuse. Red Roots: Three young girls, triplets, from the South who have worked on a farm, but are also a semi-well known music group in the Christian community. Playing for Home of Grace, church where their music group first began.

Round one: Biblical Greeting Cards. Contestants are given a greeting card which would most likely to be sent to an individual/town back in the biblical era. Each correct answer is worth 10 points.

Score: Holy Rollers: 10; Righteous Rubies: 10; Red Roots: 10

Next: Contestants are told to guess the following during the commercial break. 100 YouVersion app users were surveyed for this:

What percentage of YouVersion (online bible) users thought the seven days of creation were literally 24-hour days?

All three teams picked 78%. The correct percentage was 54%. All three teams remain tied at 10 points.

Stunts: "Stick a Fork In It" Teams are given five cups, with answers. They are given obituaries to members of the bible. Jeff reads them the obituary/cause of death. The contestants have to fling a fork with a spoon into the cup. Example "He literally lost his head". Answer: John the Baptist. Three for three equals an additional 50 points.

Righteous Rubies go first. They get three correct and into the cup in 50 seconds.

Holy Rollers are next. They only get one fork in the cup in the whole minute.

Red Roots are last. They get three in the cup in 54 seconds.

Holy Rollers: 10; Righteous Rubies: (+50) 60; Red Roots: (+50) 60.

Buddy of Bilbo or Bro of Job: Contestants are given a names and have to decide if the character listen is from "The Hobbit" or the Bible. Worth 50 points. Only two out of three members of the teams play, as one steps back for Chosen Three.

Holy Rollers: (+50) 60; Righteous Rubies: (+50) 110; Red Roots: (+50) 110.

Kids Sayeth the Cutest Things: Videos are shown over kids reciting a section in the bible.. Then, the teams are given a multiple choice question worth 50 points for a correct answer, given three options.

Holy Rollers: 60; Righteous Rubies: (+50) 160; Red Roots: 110

Chosen Three: One player plays per team. A question is given, and it has three out of six correct answers. Each correct answer is worth 100 points, three are worth 300 points.

Ogechi represents the Righteous Rubies, since they are in the lead they go first. If they get all three right, they are guaranteed a spot in the final. 

Ogechi gets three correct answers for Righteous Rubies, who now have 460 points. They have assured themselves in the final.

Billy plays for the Holy Rollers. They must get one right to have a chance to stay alive in the game. One right is all they will get. 

Red Roots only need one right to assure themselves in the final. Natalie plays for the Red Roots. Natalie gets two correct out of three.

Final Score: Holy Rollers: 160; Righteous Rubies: 460; Red Roots: 310

Holy Rollers achieve $2,500 for their charity.

In the first all-female Final Revelation. In the Final Revelation, questions are given to each individual member of the team. Whichever team gets the most in a minute wins $20,000 for their charity.

Red Roots are first, and get a total of  7. They miss 1

Righteous Rubies are up. They get 8 in 45 seconds. They miss 1.

From my take of this episode, we had one strong team, the Righteous Rubies, one team getting on the show for publicity for their music career, and the Holy Rollers were the weak-link here.

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