Saturday, April 13, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' review Season 2, episode 4: Semi-Final 1

One of these three teams will advance to the Grand Finale to play for $100,000 to give towards their charity.

Teams: Righteous Rubies; Christian Wrestling Foundation and Sisters of Mary

"You Don't Know Me From Adam": Each team is given a set of mystery biblical characters. They are given a drawing of the character and the character also speaks to give the teams a clue. Each correct answer is worth 10 points.

Example: "I got ship-wrecked more times than Gilligan", man with a beard as the picture. Answer: Goliath

Sisters of Mary, Righteous Rubies and Christian Wrestling Foundation all get one wrong each, and lost ten points for each.

Score: Righteous Rubies: -10 (one wrong); Christian Wresting Foundation 0 (one wrong then one right); Sisters of Mary 10 (one wrong then two right)

Next: 100 Youversion app (online bible) users were surveyed. The teams have to guess what percentage of the users agreed to the following...

"What percentage said God can change his mind"

Sisters of Mary answer 75%, Righteous Rubies answer 75%, Christian Wrestling Foundation answered 42%. 75% was correct.

Score: Righteous Rubies: (+25) 15 ; Christian Wresting Foundation: 0; Sisters of Mary (+25) 35

Stunts: All three teams play at the same time. They have to put sections of the bible in the correct order, stacking actual books horizontally and vertically. The team who stacks the books in the correct order and stands behind the line, during unlimited time gets 50 points.

The order: Deuteronomy, Judges, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Hob, Obadiah, Haggai.

Righteous Rubies were the first team to stack the books in the correct order, and step behind their line.

Score: Righteous Rubies: (+50) 65; Christian Wrestling Foundation: 0; Sisters of Mary 35

My Tweet Lord: Only two out of three contestant play on a team. Contestants are given a tweet which would have been tweeted during biblical times. Each correct answer is worth 50 points. No multiple choice, open answer.

Score: Righteous Rubies: 65; Christian Wrestling Foundation: 0; Sisters of Mary: (+50) 85

Chosen People's Court: The pairs are given a fictional situation that would have occurred in biblical times with characters from the bibles. Then, the teams are asked how the case should be resolved. Multiple choice out of three. Correct answers are worth 50 points.

Score: Righteous Rubies: 65; Christian Wresting Foundation: 0; Sisters of Mary (+50) 135

Chosen Three: One contestant plays per team. Each player is asked one question which contains three correct answers out of six. Each correct answer is worth 100, three for three is worth 300.

Sisters of Mary are first, and if they get just two right are guaranteed a spot in the final. Sister Peter Joseph plays for Sisters of Mary. Sister gets 3 out of three.

Mike plays for the Christian Wrestling Foundation. They need one to stay in the game. Mike gets two right.

Ogechi plays for the Righteous Rubies. They need two to get into the final, only one correct and they are out.  Ogechi gets two right. They advance to the final.

The Christian Wresting Foundation win $2,500 for the night, and walk away with a total of $22,500 for the Austin Street Center.

Final: Righteous Rubies: 265; Christian Wrestling Foundation: 200; Sisters of Mary: 435

Final Revelation: One team goes at a time. Both teams are given the exact same questions and must answer as many as possible in 60 seconds. One team member goes at a time.

Righteous Rubies go first. They miss/pass 4; Correct answers: 8

Sisters of Mary must get 9 to win. They miss/pass: 1; Correct answers: 9 in 46 seconds.

Sisters of Mary win $20,000 for their retirement fund, a total of $40,000 and now advance to the Grand Finale.

A good episode overall. The first round, "You Don't Know Me From Adam" was definitely a little strange. I wouldn't use that again, or at least not in the beginning of the episode. Sisters of Mary did dominate. Righteous Rubies weren't even that great of a time. CWF got knocked out pretty easily. One of the weakest teams yet.

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