Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' getting more reruns: Why?

Thanks to Casey Abell's observations and the April 15-21 advanced schedules, another cycle of American Bible Challenge runs have been added.

These runs will occur this coming Thursday afternoon (4/18) from 3pm-6pm Eastern, replacing Chain Reaction and Family Feud. This method was tried in the first season last Fall, and was taken out a few weeks later after low ratings. The Thursday afternoon runs were also tried during the past few weeks, and had one airing above 300K, otherwise lower.

This isn't a big deal, I get it. But at the same time, it's one of the minor schedule changes I don't get, and this isn't even the worst. I could easily see one or two hours of reruns, but not three. The previous week rerun could do well at 5pm, since we don't have must to lose there lately with O'Hurley Feud.

The Bible episodes on Thursday will be the most recent three episodes.

ALSO: Family Trade "Season" Finale tonight at 8pm. To this forum poster, this is very, very likely the series finale. They did only order eight episodes, and did not commit to a second season with the numbers it has now.


  1. Why? Because people watch the show, that's why. Because it is the only GSN original that has had success recently. Because networks like to try successful originals in different time periods in an attempt to showcase shows to a new audience. The better question is why are they wasting their time with Minute to Win It and The Chase. Those are the kinds of programs that have consistently failed on GSN.

  2. I see where you're going. If they put more reruns in different places, they're trying to attract the regular afternoon, weekend audience, etc. The contestant promotions are enough as they are.

    Why should they work on MTWI and The Chase? They can't just have Bible Challenge as their only "current original" on the schedule. They need variety in primetime.

  3. Of course they do. As you point out, they need variety. But they also need good shows that appeal to their viewers. Minute To Win It will be the cheap version of the show that's already aired. GSN didn't learn their lesson from 1 vs. 100, did they? And they didn't learn there lesson from Jeopardy or Win Ben Stein's Money or Grand Slam. All difficult quiz formats that have failed on the network.