Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About.com plays "Survey Says"

About.comFor my 58th and lost post of April, about.com asks GSN viewers what new originals sound interesting and the most promising to the network. The Chase and Minute to Win It are missing from the poll, seeing how they've been green-lit.

Minute to Win It premieres June 25th, and The Chase is undergoing the first round of casting, and is rumored to make the light of day in August.

Dance Rivals is on the poll, even though it is a complete non-game show, as well as You Don't Know What You're Missing (could be more game-showish, but just "out of studio"). Carrie does mention how shows like Unstapled and Beat the Chefs have not worked in the past, which is why reality shouldn't get another chance.

I voted for The Impostor. It has a OK chance, but not great. Can't see it as a hit. It Takes a Church I didn't like at first, but the religious-dating show is going to start getting enough media attention plus the Bible audience. A success may be brewing. Mind of a Man I also gave a vote for. Could definitely fit in with GSN's audience, though Carrie Grosvenor declines Mind of a Man in this article.

My early predictions from the upfronts come from here.

At this point on the poll, there have only been 6 selections in the six hours the poll has been published. Where Have You Been all My Life, with Brooke Burns is in the lead with 2 votes. Remember, none of the six series have been officially green-lit by the network (though I'm hearing The Impostor is very close)

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