Sunday, April 14, 2013

5 Ways to Spice up the schedule

To pick on the GSN Board, a thread has been buzzing around for a month now. Horrible suggestions from the original poster, who would add Beat the Geeks, Battledome and American Gladiators to the weekday and primetime schedule. God awful choices.

Here are five good reasonable acquisitions and non-massive schedule changes that could easily work.

1. Acquire syndicated 5th Grader
Where: 1pm weekdays, Tuesday nights [until new MTWI] weekend afternoons
Sure, it only lasted two seasons in syndication with a 0.8-1.0 rating, and also the fact that Syndie Deal didn't work, but the average GSN-viewer after a while would want new episodes.

2. Acquire Syndicated Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Where: 4pm weekdays, Friday nights, weekend afternoons
The 2010-11 season should work, the first with the Shuffle format. Meredith's episode will be worth a lot more once Cedric comes around, and people may want to see Meredith again. Meredith should get a second chance on GSN

3. Classics to weekend mornings
How long: 9am-Noon
I'm getting a little tired of Whammy! and Newlywed Game, which have been there for nearly three years (if not more with Whammy!). Chain Reaction can stay, but add Super Password, classic Pyramid and Match Game.

4. Bring back old originals
Where: Weekends
Not horrible ones, but shows like 1 vs 100, Bingo America and Camouflage could drag in some numbers, more-so than Dog Eat Dog. They still have a fan base, especially 1 vs 100.

5. Wheel of Fortune
Where: Early weekday afternoons, late-nights, Sunday primetime
If they could do Dancing with the Stars, and it bombed, they can do Wheel of Fortune, and it's a game show.


  1. William A. PadronApril 14, 2013 at 3:23 PM

    In terms of classic "Pyramid", is there any way GSN can ever bring back the New York-based, former ABC-TV "$20,000 Pyramid" back in the schedule rotation? The network is stuck in the 1980's with the post-1982 episodes forever it seems.

  2. I've asked and I've heard 'No' several times. It's not expensive but they would have to pick up really special rights.

  3. I always wondered why GSN won't show more of their original programs during the course of the programming week. Wouldn't they be able to re-air those episodes without having to lease them from a third party, or something like that?