Sunday, March 31, 2013

What If....[April Fools Day joke]

April Fools Day is almost here and what if the network played a prank on all of us for their daytime programming. It would be very cruel, I know, but this is actually a funny idea.

This would be a little funny, but not on a day where four out of the nine morning shows are fresh and "New to GSN" episodes. What If GSN aired episodes of later versions of game shows from the morning lineup.

8:00am: Match Game 90

8:30am: Match Game 98

9:00am: Whammy! (GSN) (2002-03)

9:30am: Temptation (Syndication) (2007)

10:00am Pyramid (Donny Osmond)

10:30am Pyramid (Donny Osmond)

11:00am: Million Dollar Password (CBS) (2008)

12:00pm: The Pyramid (GSN) (2012)

12:30pm: The Pyramid (GSN) (2012)

Then maybe switch it in the afternoon so we see Gambit (Catch 21), 80's Lingo, Cullen Chain Reaction and eight hours of Dawson Feud.

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