Sunday, March 31, 2013

We surveyed 100 people...

Through e-mail, facebook and face to face communication with very few, GameShowNetworkNews surveyed 100 individuals, some of them our readers, who saw at least one episode of The Pyramid on GSN last Fall. Most of those individuals either just saw the Friday night runs, or just a week based on the celebrities .

^^Does not pertain with our survey
Here was the question: What was not the best about the production of GSN's The Pyramid?

62%: It was too similar to the Clark version
15%: Bad contestants/celebrities
12%: Unknown host
3%: "GSN Original" logo at beginning of each episode a turnoff.
3%: Too cheap

That makes up everyone but five people. A couple other answers were put in there that didn't make sense, comparing The Pyramid to other originals, discussing the audience, timeslot and the judges of the show. I've already given my thoughts about The Pyramid, but shows like Lingo and 1 vs 100 deserved a better season when it came to ratings.

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  1. Awful celebrity playing. Abysmal.

    A season two, which likely won't happen, should scrap the celebrities (since nobody knows who they are anyway) and have two civilian player teams compete.