Sunday, March 31, 2013

Updates for 4/1

Just like every year, GSN has a way of refreshing their daytime lineup. These are the last of changes for a little while, but I'm sure by this time next year the schedule will look completely re-shaped again. Below is a copy of tomorrow's schedule with the episodes listed in bold that are either "New to GSN" or an updated lease.

8:00am: Match Game (1975-77
8:30am: Match Game (1975-77)
9:00am: Press Your Luck (Ep. #52)
9:30am: Sale of the Century (1988-89, Perry)
10:00am: $100,000 Pyramid
10:30am: $25,000 Pyramid
11:00am: Super Password (1986-87 season, whole season leased)
11:30am: Lingo (Woolery)
12:00pm-5:00pm: Remains the same
5:00pm: Family Feud (2009-10 season)
5:30pm: Family Feud (2009-10 season)

Except for the 5pm hour with John O'Hurley Feud, these were listed in this press release, very rare and odd GSN would have a whole press release based on classic game shows. The 2013-14 upfronts are coming on the morning of April 9th. Hopefully not even one reality show like last year will make it to the upfronts. I hope they've learned from Family Trade and Dancing with the Stars. But they probably haven't.

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