Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update: 'Newlywed' season 7 still up for grabs

Got an e-mail this afternoon from someone in the GSN office. The e-mail read the following about The Newlywed Game and its future:

From GSN: We have wrapped [up] for season 6. We will most likely be casting a 7th season in the spring/fall 2013. Further information and casting applications will be available then.

Once again, nothing is definite. Here a seventh season is being hinted at, but previously a GSN staff member noted that it may not return. Seven seasons of The Newlywed Game will make it the longest-running GSN Original, and already holds the record for most episodes at 430, while Catch 21 (2008-11) and Lingo (2002-7) have 300-something each.

I still would be a little surprised if The Newlywed Game has another season. By now, there are enough episodes to put on the rerun shelf. But, GSN factors that its cheap to produce, it is a game show, and there's no point of having an empty Summer schedule.

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