Sunday, March 17, 2013

UPDATE: 11-12 'Feud' to schedule

The news of "New to GSN" episodes of Family Feud reached the GSN board and here as well.

Just saw a commercial for the new episodes of Family Feud. A voice keeps repeating of a female contestant yelling "We'll Play Steve". Advertise the hell out of this GSN, because this is what your core audience really wants to see now judging by this.

These are the episodes from Atlanta. The beginning of the run (9/12/11) starts to air this Wednesday night from 7-10pm, and then mid-season episodes are Thursday night from 7-9pm, leading into American Bible Challenge. These "New" episodes will run through June.

ALSO: Stay tuned around here on "GSNN". Currently getting some news in about some more reality "nonsense", believe it or not. A full story will be up early this week.

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